Natural Arthritis Knee Pain Therapy

We help people like you who are suffering from painful knee arthritis free yourself from pain in an effective, easy and safe manner using Prolozone.

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About Us

About Us

Dr. Yoshi Rahm, D.O.

As a family physician I see countless people suffering from knee pain due to arthritis. So many of my patients want relief without being forced to take potentially harmful medications, have steroid injections or even surgery. I find that most people are forced into believing that they must follow one of these three main treatments or just suffer and live with it and miss out on some fun life activities. Drugs such as NSAIDS (like ibuprofen, naproxen, diclofenac, etc.) and Acetomenophen (Tylenol) can be harmful when taken repeatedly over long periods of time. While steroids do help pain short term some of the time they also do nothing for the healing process and can only be done every once-in-a-while for fear of doing more damage to the joint. Surgery usually stops the pain but should be a last resort.

For me, the rubber hit the road when I saw my own father suffering from severe knee arthritis pain and unable to do surgery due to other medical reasons and of course I didn’t want him on NSAIDS or Tylenol long term due to the potential consequences. That’s when I started to do some serious research. I learned that along with lifestyle modifications, like diet and exercise, certain safe supplements often prove effective at relieving pain. However, the turning point in my quest for a natural, effective, easy, and safe treatment came when I learned about prolozone. Not only does it decrease pain, but it actually can regrow the cartilage in the knee joint (see photo). What a gift it has been for my dad and the numerous patients I’ve treated to this point. Now I want to share this gift with you.



Annie Kuo, D.O.

Since joining Doctor Yoshi Rahm’s practice I have been privileged to witness first-hand how much prolozone helps people suffering from arthritic knee pain. I am excited to help you get your life back so that you will participate in the activities that you want and deserve to be a part of. Imagine being pain-free.