Natural Arthritis Knee Pain Therapy

We help people like you who are suffering from painful knee arthritis free yourself from pain in an effective, easy and safe manner using Prolozone.

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How much is it?

Please see Cash Patient Fee Schedule.

How many injections are needed?

Count on 3-6 office visits though most need less while some enjoy the benefits of less frequent maintenance injections. Everyone is different.

Is it painful? I don't like needles.

We use ethyl chloride spray that momentarily numbs the skin so that you usually will not even feel the needle and if you do the discomfort will be very minimal. Most people comment that "I didn't even feel the needle go in."

What exactly is in the injection?

A mixture of ozone, oxygen, homeopathic medicine, Methyl B12, Folic acid, Nanoparticle silver, Procaine.

Why haven't I heard of it before?

Medical school and residency trains physicians to think of Tylenol, NSAIDS, prescription medications, physical therapy and surgery as first line treatments for arthritic knee pain. Therefore even most physicians haven't heard of it before. There is also no single pharmaceutical company that will be making a bunch of money off of prolozone so you won't see it heavily advertised.

Does it really work?

Yes, for 90% of people who give it a try, it will work at decreasing pain to some extent and for most of them it will give complete or near-complete resolution of pain. The pain-free timeframe varies from person to person and typically may range from one month to a couple years depending on the person and what other therapies they are willing to implement.

Is Prolozone the same as Prolotherapy?

No. Prolozone uses ozone, oxygen, homeopathics, vitamins, and minerals to create healing. Prolotherapy uses inflammation to create the healing. While prolotherapy is usually effective, most physicians now use prolozone because of the great ease, less pain and less number of treatments required.