Natural Arthritis Knee Pain Therapy

We help people like you who are suffering from painful knee arthritis free yourself from pain in an effective, easy and safe manner using Prolozone.

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These treatments are only as good as the person’s immune and hormonal system is as they rely on the body for the regenerative response. Studies have shown that obesity and inactivity are not only detrimental to healthy and robust cell signaling (the premise of regenerative therapies) but that it actually causes stem cell populations to essentiallywither. This is why it is highly recommended to be at least 10 days into some kind of detox cleanse before doing any PRP injection in our office. We have a 21 day detox cleanse available in our office for those who need one.

Without adequate muscle mass people do not have healthy mitochondria, which are the powerhouses of all human cells. Joints don’t hold together well if they don’t have adequate musculature surrounding them. Deconditioned bodies or bodies that only do chronic cardio (running/cycling) don’t hold together well, even with these treatments.

What Types of Conditions Do We Treat?

Conditions that do not respond favorably to PRP:

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