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What to Expect After Your Prolozone Injection

The first 45-60 minutes after an injection you may feel a full sensation with some slushy noises in the joint. It is important to keep some motion in the joint for the first hour without any excessive stress on the joint.

Ice should be used on the injection site for 15 minutes during the first 48 hours at least 2-3 times depending on tenderness. Avoid use of over-the-counter NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), like ibuprofen, motrin, aleve, naproxen, mobic, aspirin, acetaminophen, etc., because they will counter-act the healing that is being promoted.

Most people experience some level of stability within the first 48 hours, having between a 20-80% reduction of pain in the joint, with improved range of motion. Over the first week some of the pain may come back in the joint; this is normal for the healing process. We usually follow up with a second injection within 7-14 days if needed.

If a third injection is needed we suggest waiting at least 3 weeks after the second injection though often this can be put off for much longer. This will vary by the severity and acuteness of your condition, as well as your ability to heal.

It is important to start on some exercises to improve the muscle tone. The affected joint generally has experienced a loss in range of motion and strength; the motion will be increased post-injection. Tenderness and swelling are a normal part of the healing process and can be sometimes flared up with the increased motion. Initially working on range of motion and then progressing to direct strengthening exercise is crucial to develop long-term stability in the knee. We highly recommend Optimal Performance Systems at to get top of the line therapy.

What to Expect After Your Prolozone Injection


This can and does happen. While it is not considered abnormal, it is not common. Post-injection pain can last anywhere from 1 day to many weeks. Pain can persist for a variety of reasons, most are not concerning. Red Flags: If you experience any of the following please call the office immediately. Red, Swollen Joint Hot Joint Pain beyond your control Fever Sweats/Chills, please call the office to have the nurse or doctor speak with you right away whether daytime or nighttime. If you are truly having an emergency, please call 911 or head to your nearest emergency room.

“HELLO – MY NAME IS OVERZEALOUS” Everyone who is an athlete, especially a runner, wants special permission to begin exercise earlier than the suggested two week mark. Unless you are a professional athlete, under contract, proceed to the next question/response.

WHY YOU MUST WAIT TWO WEEKS BEFORE EXERCISE The initial inflammatory cascade lasts roughly two weeks. You need this cascade for optimal tissue production. Rushing things can lead to sub-par outcomes in treatment. You can become more injured if you push it while you are in healing mode. In asking to rush exercise If you persist You will be referred to the above explanation and told “NO”.

“I DIDN’T GET IMMEDIATE PAIN RELIEF, SO IT DIDN’T WORK!" Patience, healing takes TIME. Some patients get NO relief up front, then a month later all of their pain just goes away!

"I HAD ONE TREATMENT AND I DON”T HAVE FULL PAIN RELIEF" No treatment is a "one shot" wonder (except for stem cells… then you should expect great results after just 1 injection). Most patients need 2-3 treatments (except stem cell injections), sometimes more, for optimal results. Healing takes time!

HEALING TAKES TIME We Re-Evaluate AFTER you have completed your ENTIRE COURSE of Treatments. DO NOT assume it has not worked until then. Stem cell injections and PRP injections can take up to 12 weeks to gain optimal results.

HELP! I'VE INJURED MYSELF! It is not uncommon for patients to re-injure themselves following treatment. They worry that they've "undone" the treatment. Do not fret! Generally, the recovery is much faster than prior to treatment. The growth factors are still in effect for up to 12 weeks post-treatment. You will heal and likely be fine!

SYSTEMIC INFLAMMATION A common cause for persistent pain following injections is systemic inflammation. This means that your body is likely inflamed and the reaction to the injections is more pronounced. This is not a cause for concern, however it can last for several weeks in some patients. If your pain is lasting beyond 2 weeks and is too uncomfortable to live with, please call the office for further treatment options to try and decrease the pain.

"MY RANGE OF MOTION FEELS MORE LIMITED" This can happen when a joint is allowed to stiffen up or becomes too swollen. Keep the joint moving as much as possible! Apply a heating pad and then put the joint through normal range of motion. Do this to tolerance as often as possible.

SORRY Some patients simply do not respond as well as others. Based on years of clinical experience, these are the patient types that do not respond as well as we would like:

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